Reminiscing 101

So I was browsing my old journals year 2001-2004.  Then, blogging is not that popular so we write our thoughts and experiences in a notebook and call it “My Journal”.  My Journal is mostly narration of how GOD works in my life, the lesson I’ve learned and still learning as I walk side by side with HIM, lessons I’ve learned/learning in life and how i’ve grown (mature) so far.

So I thought of showcasing them here and hopefully share one or two lessons to others……hopefully too one can relate and be blessed with it as I am.

Here it goes……

June 17, 2017

1 Timothy 4:14, “Do no neglect your gift, which was given you through a prophetic message when the body of elders laid their hands on you.”

This verse reminded me of an elder of the Church who laid hands on me on the altar call dated December 2003.  I personally don’t know him but he was task or chosen by GOD to me to tell me HIS message. When the Pastor asked people for altar call, we don’t have a single idea who will reach out to us, to pray for us.  This elder came in front of me and whispered, “Go on with your faith, continue serving through HIS Ministry, 2004 is for you.  Always seek HIS Kingdom and hold on to HIS promises that He’ll never leave you nor forsake you.”


That was 2004 before I received a confirmation that my visit visa was already granted and I am due to fly by November 2004.  Actually, there are 2 choices that was presented to me then; job interview for a managerial position for one of a thriving franchise and to work overseas.  I chose working abroad.  At first, I was thinking of a greener pasture to help my family and myself….to earn.  But little did I know that working abroad will make and break you.  The impression I have in mind for working abroad totally changed.  It is not easy but I have this day journal that “GOD will never leave me nor forsake me”.  HE will always there.  I look for a Church and after 6 months attended a service that was almost similar to our Church in Palawan.  Met friends too who happened to hop around Churches and they convinced me to attend to Word of Life International (WOLI) where I stayed for almost 12 years now.  Still serving GOD in a way I know how.  Still seeking HIM.  Still keeping HIS promise that He’ll never leave me nor forsake me.

Of all this, glory to GOD who are faithful and never-changing. ❤ ❤ ❤


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