I’ve learned….

This is a compilation of the many lessons I’ve learned through life since I can remember! Sharing them as I’ve wrote them first (no date mentioned but in my calculation, year 2004!) Don’t judge! ;-P ^_^

I’ve learned that….
….when you find the best company, you’ll live with them forever.
….the true hapiness is found in the presence of the LORD.
….it is not easy to let go of a TRUE FRIEND.
….it is not enough that you have education, you also must have good relationship with people.
….you’ll still be dependent with your parents even after you graduated college.
….if you have fought to a certain person, it takes time to heal and forget the issue.
….love will conquer all even the biggest failure you’ve committed.
….the best way of forgetting your problems is by listening inspirational songs with Christian lyrics.
….Word of GOD fattens your spiritual worthiness.
….GOD is the BEST Friend you’ll ever find.
….in every happiness there is always loneliness.
….when you get even with someone, you’ll just letting that someone continue to hurt you.
….there are people who like you just because they want something from you.
….real people are hard to find.
….you’ll find true happiness when you’ve accepted JESUS in your life.
….it is relieving when you accomplished one of your plans.
….if it’s not GOD’s will, whatever it is you do, you’re not satisfied.
….a person with no love, no sincerity is seen.
….having a degree is not enough to say that you’ve proven your worth being a student unless you’ve gotten a job with that degree.

Kinda felt like 1% of King Solomon here. ^_^


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