Someone Parked on my Parking…..tsk tsk!

As the title implies, there is indeed someone parked on my parking. There is something in my parking really that people, neighbors, visitors in the building, etc. just love to park with. I can’t figure what it is but really keep me always wondering. Most of the times I just ignored it and I try to find another parking.

BUT tonight was different! I parked behind the cars that was parked on my parking(since Elias is long so it occupied two and a half parking space therefore, will give them a “NO getting out at all” scenario and another). I am sure that all of us will be inconvenienced tomorrow morning. The other car will also have difficulty getting out because it will kiss intimately the side of it which if he is a good driver, he’ll find a way to somehow manage to get out.

Why did I park behind these cars?
1. If the person who parked on my parking lives on the same building then he/she will get one or two (you know!?!?) words of wisdom from me. And if he/she lives in the building that means he is sharing the flat to somebody else who happen to have his parking already. This guy is new in the building.
2. It is my parking eversince I moved in this building. MINE!!
3. There is no available parking anymore because all houses in this village seems to be having more than 2 cars. If there is available parking, it is far from the building, I have to walk which i don’t like to do. Why? These people go to work tomorrow and they’ll leave the parking unoccupied and shaded. Not right!
4. I don’t want to wake up early just to move Elias to his proper parking.
5. If this person is just a neighbor then it’ll be his/her lesson not to park on somebody else parking anymore.

It’s 2:30am, can’t sleep because of this and I am pretty sure that tomorrow I will be awaken by a call or a doorbell. Let’s see what will happen!

But hopefully, hopefully, hopefully…..I will not lose it!

Alright…..see print ads for details! ^____^


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